Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camps, camps, & more camps!

Well, after last weeks chaos and confusion...........order has been established once again with one word...................CAMPS. That is the only way for us moms to survive this summer. My kids were so busy with swim team, gymnastics, piano , strength training, etc. that they were happy to veg out in front of the tv for a bit before they crashed for the night. Everyone in the house was much happier with a steady schedule of events going on. I guess that is the ADHD/OCD in me coming out once again. AHHHHHHH..... order at last. Schedules are a good thing. Idle hands are of the devil etc etc... what are the other cliches? Anyways, new topic: All of the fancy pillows that I paid for & HAD TO HAVE to go on my master bed sit endlessly on the floor in the corner of my master bedroom: TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES. My only consolation is that I did read somewhere for allergy sake that leaving your bed unmade allows it to air out and get rid of the bed bugs..........versus making it up nice and tight with the moisture there for the bed bugs to feed on the old dead skin cells and reproduce at mass rates. UH Gross! Why did I just burst the bubble of all of you bed makers in the world? Just some food for thought, no pun intended. Anyways, I guess that I shall never change my ways. My friend actually suggested getting a decorative holder for my pillows. HAHAHA. What is the decorating world going to think of that. Maybe I could patent the whole idea. A wrought iron decorative pillow holder that looks great with or without the pillows, depending on the mood of your day (Lazy or not lazy) Ok . I am rambling and that is only because I am trying to block out Blake's terrlble attempt at practicing his piano for 40 min. He manages to leave and get a drink, play with the dog, go to the bathroom, and actually play his lesson for 20 minutes. Such is the life of a mom!