Sunday, March 7, 2010

Savanna's Gymnastics Meet 2010

She did awesome!

Yes! It does snow in ARIZONA!!!

Good times up at the cabin. We love to go to Show Low and spend time up there with friends and family. We went up with my two brothers, Vance and Chad, and their families. We spent a lot of time in the cabin because it snowed quite a bit. It was awesome! The kids loved seeing the snow fall down around them. A little bit of cabin fever set in, but we managed it well with cookies, hot cocoa and games! It was fun for the cousins to hang out and have some fun together. I really need to post on my blog sooner after the event, because my memory fails me on all the fun details. I will try to get better at it. On a side note, we had a Huish family dinner tonight at our home. We had grilled chicken, rosemary potatoes, homemade rolls and lots more good stuff. Always good food and company. What a wonderful Sunday it has been. We are especially thankful that our Bishop, Denny Barney, is recovering from his skiing accident and was at church today. We wish him a speedy recovery!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Yes, I have made a mistake that I cannot make up for. Dale and I took our oldest son , Blake, to Disneyland when he was five yrs. old. We had so much fun................that we never went back. Four more kids later. My girls come home from school crying because other kids make fun of them because they have never been to Disneyland. Most of the children have season passes and go multiple times per year. The"Happiest Place on Earth"? Says who? The magic of the kingdom doesn't quite make up for the financial drain and long lines , in my book. I guess you can call me a Disneyland scrooge. Last weekend, my sister said that she was going to go to Disneyland because they had a 2Fer deal, both parks two days for the price of one. It was enticing. Also, it's February/March and everyone says that the crowds are minimal. I jumped or should I say..........hesitantly stepped in the direction of taking my kids. Dale, I knew, was not interested in experiencing the Magic with us. One less person for me to keep track of. Kerry Davis and her two kids wanted to go too. They are Disneyland professionals. I wanted to tap into that resource. She pricelined us a hotel for $46 bucks at night at the Hilton. Woohoo! We drove over and and hit Disneyland on Monday. Unfortunately, I realized quite early in the day that I had made the mistake of not bringing my girls when they were younger. They no longer cared about the characters and the princesses running around the park. It was about the rides and food. No magic. Just lines and dumping money at every turn. SIGH............ The next day we went to California Adventures. Lots of rides and some lines to wait in. My two oldest kids loved all the rides, but Macy and Tate were more reserved and scared to go on the big rides. I made them go on everything once. At the end of the day, Macy had an upset stomach, Tate wouldn't leave without the souvenir snake and Savanna complained that she had the song "It's a Small World" stuck in her head. Ahhhhhhhh..............the memories!

Does anyone know how to download a generic picture of Disneyland to my blog from the web?