Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breathing easy again

I didn't realize just how crazy summer was until the peace and quiet began last week. This week has been filled with getting organized and back on track with everything. My fifth and final child to be potty trained is independent and going to preschool. I don't waste any time. He will be spouting off all sorts of amazing things like the presidents of the United States before you know it. Some people say that I will regret sending everybody off and that I will miss the little pitter patter. A wise person once told me, name withheld to protect the innocent, that if you are independent and good with sending them out the door, you will always feel that way about your children moving to the next thing in life. Maybe that is another pure delusional justification made up in my silly mind. C'est la vie. My youngest is turning three . Besides preschool and gymnastics, what else should I sign him up for? Spanish? Chess team? Just another actifvity for me to drive to. I live in my suburban, like most mommies. Is this the wrong way to go? Should I drop all activities, home school and run a tighter ship? ................LOL! These are all good things, but where do we draw the line.. I don't even take the time to discipline my kids half of the time because we are such a hurry to get to the next thing. I hate to be late to anything of course. It is no wonder that I will be starting a parenting class with Keri Maughan in September to bring the reins in on my lovely children. Well, I was just informed that my three year old is flashing the cleaning people, so I better go!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, it has been a crazy summer. WE went out of town to Midway , UTAH. WE spent the fourth of July in Delta, or all places. We had the best time at the town parade and demolition derby. My two younger boys were mesmerized for four hours watching event aftter event of cars and truck smashing into each other. It was a blast and very memorable. WE also finished out the summer in Rosarito, Mexico which is about 25 min. south of San Diego. We all got to try surfing and had a great time at the beach. Now, on to School we press forward. WE jumped into our new schedule this week and moms around the world are breathing and smiling once again. It is all good. My camera is broken, so I need to get a new one to post some new pics........for now here are a few.