Saturday, May 22, 2010

Girls Ski Trip!!!

So, I am a little spontaneous! I really like that about myself. When an opportunity presents itself, I canNOT resist. Park City saw 2 1/2 ft of snow on Tuesday. I called Jodi and said, "Let's get up there and ski!" I like spontaneous friends....we get along really well. Enter Jodi Lewis. We booked our flights and got all of our little ducks in a row and headed up on Thursday. We started out the trip smiling and we didn't stop smiling until we got home on Sunday. The first night, we headed to the grocery store and got the ingredients for our customary batch of cookie dough. This tradition goes way back for us. We first bonded over cookie dough at the sand dunes, years ago when we we finally get the kiddies to bed and head out to the bonfire with our plastic spoons and ziploc bag of cookie dough to laugh the night away. Nothing has changed, although the topics have grown heavier over the years. The next day, we headed out to Park City to ski and snowboard . Jodi is awesome on the board and I hope to try it out next season. We had a great day and especially enjoyed our hot chocolate at the cafe. We also went again on Saturday and had a great day on the slopes. The highlight of our trip was to sell some extra lift tickets without getting caught . That was an adventure. Sunday, we just slept in and relaxed and then headed home to our families. We never stopped smiling. It was an AWESOME VACATION!!!!!!

Happy Easter 2010

Happy Easter!!!!!
We got to go up to the cabin in Show Low for the weekend. It was beautiful up there. We spent our time with Leslie and her family. On Saturday, we went to the Torreon clubhouse for an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids rode quads outside and had a great time. On Sunday, the kids got their baskets and we watched General Conference on t.v. It was a fun weekend. Talk about a boring post. I need to post more frequently so that I remember some of the funny details!!!