Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Blake seems to be a chip off the ol' block. As soon as there was an opportunity to work and make money , he dropped out of football. Some things are just more productive and long lasting . He decided to pack up his bucket of supplies and canvas the neighborhood to stain people's RV gates. He practically wouldn't take no for an answer and worked hard every day to stain gates and earn enough money to buy his prize: motorcycle. He wouldn't let up and worked long hot hours to earn the money. Dale made sure to check his work so that he had satisfied customers. When he had enough money, he found a motorcycle on Craig's list and BAM! Now, he has a new found sense of freedom and cruises all over the place. I even sent him to Basha's to pick up a missing ingredient for dinner. Hmmm.... I'm reaping the benefits of an early driver. Mark my words, I'm sure that I will regret it, but it seems to be ok with Dad, so there ya go!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saguaro Lake Trip (One of many hopefully)

We went to Saguaro Lake and had a blast with friends! The three older kids did great on the wakeboard. The sunset up there was amazing!